A handful of walnuts contains almost twice more antioxidants than an equivalent amount of other nut hard shell that is commonly consumed. Dr. Joe Vinson, University of Scranton, USA All these products are rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals, fatty acids and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Scientists found that the walnut containing more polyphenol […]

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Studies have shown that nuts, particularly the hard shell, are very nutritious and good for health food, particularly for heart health. Now, new research focused on the fruits of hard shell found, including walnut is a “near perfect” natural product for its high level of antioxidants and proteins. In addition to its nutritional benefits, these […]

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According to scientists at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania (USA), among all nuts hard shell nuts contain a combination of antioxidants increased in number and quality than any of them. The study, which was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society Estadounidense- analyzed the nutrient levels in nine types of hard-shelled fruits: walnuts, […]

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